Ehhh... I dont really like it. Maybe the car would have looked better if it were 3D CG instead. And something still seems missing...

 This was drawn over the course of  a few month. It was actually done a while ago but I completely forgot about it. Now that I look at it I'm a bit confused as to what this picture was about. It could be a girl in a Santa outfit, or maybe its a picture showing a dumb choice of weapons for akimbo style. But ultimately the viewer should draw their own conclusion regardless of what is being said.

 Uhh.. This is a very high tech juicer with a highly unique way of juicing fruit. This is as sophisticated as juicers can ever be.
 My only problem with this picture is the orange. I wish there was an orange lying around for me to scan.

It happens when you read sin city for an hour. Rain and street was done in 3D.

Well, not that old. I made it in 2005 which is old enough. The computer also kept crashing because it didn't have enough RAM. Though I should upload it before it was lost again.
The entire picture was rendered in 3D with no phtoshop work involved. And yes, its definitely copying nemo.

I really need to post more stuff... Even if its stuff like this. This is a 3D remake of this piece of brilliance. I didn't put much detail into it mostly because it wasn't supposed to be a super high def render, and also because I made this on a Pentium4 with a geforce2 card. Oh, and I also forgot the mascara.

Really do wish I posted more on this blog... Defibrillation may be necessary. A pace maker may help as well.
Anyway, new picture. Based off a picture I came across somewhere. I drew it as a coloring test, trying to find what method I like most. All drawn in sai pant tools, except for a small parts done in photoshop.